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Okay, if I could have ANY five, I think I can just about narrow it down to (in no particular order):

Colt 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver, .36 Caliber

Colt M1911 Semi-automatic Pistol, .45 ACP

Winchester Model 1887 Lever-action Shotgun, 10 Gauge

Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 Bolt-action Rifle, 7.62x54R

Boer-War Era Mauser "Elephant Gun", .577 Nitro Express

***Note: the first four would be mint manufactures of those actual years, and not just those models!***

***Additional Note: as for the last one, the closest example I could find is the un-written "Ulriks Mauser" on the Reign of Fire page of IMFDB. The gun I would want would look and operate in much the same way as that, or maybe a CZ 550***
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