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Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
The shotgun sounds good, the sniper rifle might need more thought. Maybe an AR-15 in .308? Could she use a Benelli M4 Super 90, just keep the stock collapsed.
The Paratus is pretty much an "AR-15 in .308" which has been designed to be takedown, you will not find another gun in its class that breaks down as small. You might wan't to go with the 16" barrel version for a bit more range (think it fits in the same size case) or even the 18" barrel DMR version (case is slightly bigger but still pretty small).

Originally Posted by 2wingo View Post
Wow, a more perfect sniper rifle for Hanna's needs really could not exist (at least not until they figure out a way to make the .408 CheyTac M-200 Intervention fit into a briefcase).
If you do not need it to be a semi auto, there is also the Nemesis Arms Vanquish, which is pretty much a takedown mini CheyTac.
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