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Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
You've got several problems. First is that anyone with double shoulder holsters is: A. A mall ninja guaranteed to be laughed at by anyone with a clue about guns. 2. Lacking places to put spare mags. Yes, you could put them on your belt but why do that when you've got a shoulder holster. D. Going to have hard time with anything else. That double shoulder holster might be nice, but you can't use it with you tactical vest. I'd go with a single shoulder holster and a second gun on your hip or SOB. Switch to a thigh holster for when you break out the big guns and tactical vest.
So, one under the shoulder and one on the hip for standard operations; duel-thigh holsters for heavier situations. Got it.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
Second: Too many calibers. You're looking at 5 different pistol calibers and 6 brands. Drop the .40 PPS for a 9mm version. I think the Seecamp LWS in .380 would be a much better choice than a .357 derringer. It's shorter, half the weight, and reloads faster with more ammo. It quite literally will fit in you palm, and .380 is probably easier to get than .357 in Europe.
I can't believe I haven't mentioned it thus far: the story takes place in New York City, the Canadian Wilderness, and possibly New Orleans.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
I might drop the Px4 Sub-compact for a Glock 26, just for simplicity's sake and mag commonality, but whatever you want.

Finally, get a TT-33 or similar weapon. Anything old and chambered for 7.62x25. You need a weapon that penetrates bulletproof vests and doesn't scream "Professional with stolen military-grade ammo". Discrete is nice. Same with your sniper rifle. You may want something more common. And your Remington 870 should have a top-fold stock on it. I don't care how short the barrel, you need to be able to aim sometimes. Top-fold stock (Be prepared), Surefire weapons light pump, and a receiver-mounter shell holder are all good.
I'm kind of stuck on the sniper rifle, since it's the only one I can find that is A.) chambered for a commonly available caliber, B.) light and easily taken-down, and C.) has a decent magazine capacity. And the problem with the shotgun is that, with the stock extended, it's too long for someone as short as Hanna and not as good in close quarters. How about a Mossberg 500 JIC II with a detachable M4-type adjustable stock? As I may or may not have said before, I don't intend to have her carry into combat as a regular thing, it's for keeping wherever she's living in case she's attacked there.

Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
So basically: 2 Glock 19s, one in shoulder holster the one on hip. Single gun in thigh holster for tactical work.
PPS (9mm)
Px4 Sub-Compact (9mm)
Glock 36 (45ACP)
Seecamp LWS (.380)
FN Five-seveN (5.7x28)
TT-33 (7.62x25)
Yes, I just added another caliber while trying to simplify.
Pocket knife
Boot knife

And as for backup weapons, use your perverted guy imagination for where to stick them. She's a woman, the old "pistol in the garter belt" trick probably won't work, but in your bra or an inside-thigh holster (If wearing a suitably short skirt/dress) will.

Like I said before, approach this like you're playing Fallout. Loot the dead, sell the guns, keep the ammo. And stash some guns somewhere else, just in case.
Unfortunately, there is no communication between the "perverted imagination" part of my brain and the "writer" part, so I'm forced to only consider practicality and awesomeness (kind of hard to reconcile the 2).

For her non gun weapons, I was thinking a folding Emerson kerambit, a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, and an Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Smatchet.
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