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Originally Posted by mjp28 View Post
Very cool pics, gives you a better idea of what's going over there other than what you see on CNN!
Now this old rifle looks like one my dad brought back from Italy during WWII, he said there were piles of them. Like the old Italian Army joke "never fired, only dropped once".
He said coming into NYC harbor they told the whole ship to ditch all weapons and other stuff, he (and other guys) had a duffle bag loaded with all kinds of German and other stuff.....pitched overboard!!

When they got in to NYC nobody checked anything, but he did have something very much like this, 7.65mm I believe, minus clip, we played with it as kids, bayonet and all.

That reminds me, my dad has a French MAS-36 bring-back rifle on the shelf. I wrote on the tag "Never been fired, only dropped once." When a customer sees it and doesn't get it, I die a little inside.
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