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Question Time for a glossary?

NOTE TO MODERATORS: I'm not entirely sure if this should have been posted in the "Just Guns" forum or the "imfdb-specific issues" forum. If this is in the wrong forum, then the moderators should feel free to move it to the appropriate section.

I think it's high time for a glossary to be posted in the wiki. From what I've seen here, there's lots of gun aficionado terms being bandied about on the wiki and the forums that less-informed people may not know the significance or definitions of. I'd like to think of myself as not a gun dummy, but still not an armoury expert either. There's lots of gun terms I'm still not familiar with, such as "forward assist," the exact difference between flash hider types, how you can tell a decocker from a magazine release, how a holographic sight is different from a red dot sight, etc.

Out on the net there's lots of confusion over even basic gun concepts (such as when it's appropriate to use the term "bullet clip," which is often mistaken for the same thing as a "bullet magazine"), and we certainly don't need more entries with inaccurate or just plain misunderstood guns here. I believe a glossary would be a step towards helping users here understand entries better, and be a way to prevent misinformation by making sure the right information is just a few clicks away right on this wiki.

Of course it would have to be edit-protected against unregistered users, and probably divided into sections such as "terms about gun technique," "terms about gun parts," "terms about ammunition types" to start. Sounds like a tall order, but it seems there are plenty of gun gurus here who are willing to contribute their time and expertise to this wiki. Maybe it's time we helped to dispel some ignorance about the guns on this wiki as well.
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