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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
For what it's worth: There are MANY productions where people who are not movie armorers are in charge of some or all of the firearms. In the U.S., a licensed handler is only required when there are NFA weapons being used on-set (this is different, of course, in other countries which have stricter gun laws). If the production is only renting non-NFA firearms, it's generally going to be the property master and their assistant(s) who handle those guns, and most propmasters are not weapons experts.
Ummmm. Not quite true, the laws have changed in the last 10 years. Sorry. in California ANY LIVE firearms on set must have a licensed person (either an FFL or a state issued Firearms Entertainment Permit). That includes all firing weapons, even pre 1898 ones. The fact that many productions VIOLATE the law (these are codified in CA penal code) doesn't make it not true. Since the vast majority of Movies and TV shows filmed in the US are still in California, that makes those rules, the rule, not the exception.

It is interesting that the CREW of the movie "The Crow" in 1993 was from North Carolina. The CREW of "Rust" in 2021 were from New Mexico. Notice that none of them were California Crews. If anything we in CA have the most draconian gun regulations on movie sets. And yet, it's the CA politicians that want to punish us more.

Interesting that we have some of those indie films who designate some "know nothing" 20 yr old girl, who doesn't know firearms at all, as the set 'weapons wrangler'. That's a recipe for disaster sadly. I heard that the 'Armorer' was a 24 year old woman, and this was her FIRST job EVER as an armorer and that she was terrified of 'blanks'. Uh, what???? Also she may not have been on set when the accident occurred and the 24 yr old Assistant Director (who was another woman who knew nothing about guns) was the person who handed the firearm to Baldwin. The entire thing sounds bizarre.
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