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Default General Double Rifle Page

I asked JCordell about a previously unmarked/unidentified double rifle image and was thinking that since we have images of several makes of double rifles, and since several makes are actually featured/listed on pages on the site (not that many, but still), perhaps it would be possible to shift the existing Holland & Holland page into a general 'Double Rifle' page, akin to the Single / Double Barrel Shotgun pages.

I suggest it because having several images of other makes on the talk page of a particular variant seems awkward, and having just one variant kinda precludes listing guns from other makes again with out it looking awkward. Grouping them together just seems more encompassing and simpler to me. The alternative would be making separate individual pages for all the variants, which I think would be a bit much - There are several makes are featured on the site but not in too many things; condensing the listings in one page wouldn't be that big a deal I feel. Certainly not as engrossing as the shotgun pages.

One thing that'll help is a good detailed overview, in which case JCordell has attained a vast level of knowledge on Doubles in recent years, and I think he'd make a good writeup for such a page. Anyway, what say you guys?
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