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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post

Mounting a bayonet on a magazine tube extension is probably not wise, because that tube was not built to hold a bayonet sturdily enough for you to stab anything with it or apply such for to it, it's would likely cause it to bend or break, which would obviously mess up the functioning. Mounting it side-ways on the barrel seems more do-able, although it would look terrible, and really, why on earth would you need a bayonet on a SuperNova? Shotguns with bayonets have that added extension that infuses into the heat shield, like on a Trench shotgun. If such a devise could be modified to mount on a SuperNova (which I'm not too sure about), you might be able to pull it off. As for how much it would cost to mount bayonet lugs or to customly fit that Trench mount to it, that's really depending on which gunsmith you see, and if they'd even say it's worth doing.
After seeing the Bushmaster Carbine with a side-mounted bayonet in the "Planet Terror" entry on the database, I began wondering if the side-mounted bayonet would be possible on shotguns or other long arms. Before that point I'd only seen the standard underbarrel mount or the kind you stick right on the barrel itself.

I'm interested in mounting a bayonet on a Benelli Nova Tactical (not the SuperNova model) because the gun lacks effective mass (unlike a 9-pound M1 Garand) if you have to use it as a club in a melee situation, and with a bayonet you can defend yourself more effectively. I'm looking into a side-mount for the bayonet since with a tube-magazine extension in the way you can't use the standard under-barrel mount. There's something else I'm planning to use the bayonet mount for in what I'm writing as well, but that's for later.

Hitman: Blood Money was normally good with blocking incompatible upgrades for your weaponry (such as allowing either jungle-style magazines or a drum mag for your M4A1 in that game, not both) but it seems they forgot that if you are using a detachable box magazine for your shotgun, you don't need a shotshell holder on the side of the weapon anymore.
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