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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
I need some info on customizations for shotguns for something I'm writing. After playing too much S.W.A.T. 4, I began wondering whether the Benelli Nova Tactical in that game, if fitted with the 3-round tube magazine extension, could still mount a bayonet. To my knowledge bayonets are usually mounted underneath the barrel, but the 3-round magazine extension would block this on the Benelli Nova Tactical. Would it be unsafe to mount a bayonet on the tube magazine extension instead (much as it would block a weaponlight in the handguard)? Or would one have to use a side-mounted bayonet on the barrel instead? How much would it cost to fit some bayonet lugs for a side-mounted bayonet on such a firearm?

I'd also like to know how difficult it would be to convert a semi-automatic shotgun with a tube magazine, such as the SPAS-12, to accept a detachable box magazine. On a strange note, Hitman: Blood Money lets you apply both a side-mounted shell holder and the "feed from a box magazine" conversion to the ingame SPAS-12, though in real life you'd only use the first to help load a tube magazine more quickly and wouldn't need one if you switched to detachable box magazines.

Finally, the civilian model of the M4 Super 90 offered by Benelli USA has a 4 + 1 shell capacity on their catalogue, but the fact that the tube magazine still reaches the end of the 18.5-inch barrel puzzles me. Is the tube solid past a certain point? If it is solid, does that mean you can't add a tube magazine extension without illegally modifying the shotgun? And why didn't Benelli just shorten the magazine tube so there is less "dead weight" on it?
My sleep depraved brain can't work hard enough to help with the first questions but to answer your last one about the Benelli M4, they built two versions, the civilian 4+1 with a magazine tube that tapers into rings and then continues as dead weight. This is likely so it's still asthetically pleasing. The military/police model has the complete high-capacity magazine tube that features no tapering rings.
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