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Here are a few more weapons that will appear in the story:

-Rocco's sidearm is a Beretta 92FS. He loses it in Mozambique when he is shot in the arm by Luca.

- Luca's sidearm is a Makarov PM. He uses it in the standoff between the mercinaries and the Renamo rebels.

- A Browning M2 Machine gun fitted with a heat shield and snail drum magazine is mounted on the stern of the "The Archangel", Greg's ship. The boat is 75ft long, 20ft tall, and 20ft wide.

- Greg keeps a RPG-7 fitted with an optical sight, M321 fragmentation grenades (a Portugese version of the M26 Hand Grenade that was adopted by the South African Army), six M18 Smoke Grenades, and a M82A1 Claymore in the armory.

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