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Default CZ!

Yep finally have it in my possession, took a few pics but im heading to work and upload takes a while so i'll do it when I get back. Stripped it, cleaned it, and oiled up, then switched grips (didnt dig the plastic, got cool vz g10s on it now.)

Impressions: Feels very solid, feels great in hand and points naturally. Outside finish very even but barrel could use a more detailed finish, it looks out of place compared to shinier or finished barrels. The inside of the frame isnt polished and finished like some higher end guns, but theres no machining or tool marks. Very good all around, good sights that remind me of a beretta and have glow in the dark paint. Mags drop free, seems cz ditched the mag brake on this model.

Trigger pull is heavy and a bit long/rough in DA. Heard it cleans up and a new hammerspring will lighten it and ill eventually try. The SA is good. Long take up but the a light, short crisp release. Can't wait to use it at range.

Thin slide profile makes racking a bit difficult but you only need to do that to load, unlike sig, glock, etc, the slide release is very, very easy to use. I can actually do my reloads like this well instead of slingshotting. the decocker is decent, i prefer sig style but this aint bad. Pics to come.
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