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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
No, he did absolutely zero research, such as shown by him ranking the M1 carbine (which you'd be hard-pressed to find ammo for) so high.
I inherited my Dad's M1 Carbine, and I love it. Easy to carry, good accuracy, low recoil, good magazine capacity, and I have no problems finding ammunition for it. Granted an M16, or variant would probably be a better choice because they are so common in the U.S. as one of it's advantages. Although I am a .45 acp man, I think that shot placement and ammo capacity should be considered. I would probably go with a Beretta 92. Like the M16, it is very common, so ammo, magazines, and spare parts should not be a problem. Also it is heavy for a 9mm, so the recoil is very mild.

As for movie Zombies, they are not really Zombies. George Romero has said that his creations aren't Zombies, they are the Living Dead. The Living Dead can be killed, a Zombie can't. The traditional Zombie is a reanimated corpse that is under the control of a person. The only way to stop the Zombie is to stop the person that is controlling them. The last real Zombie I have seen in a movie, was the HBO film "Cast A Deadly Spell".

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