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Originally Posted by BurtReynoldsMoustache View Post
Regardless of what the rules are, that doesn't sound like a good idea to have one admin robotically responding to tags without any input like that.
Which is WHY that delete tag is NOT a good idea.

If some page is suggested for deletion, it should be in the Discussion page. That way people can put input forth and Mods can review and make a cool headed decision.

I hate those reality TV / Documentaries myself (and I was always against them) because (a) usually they do a show on the gun itself, so identifying it is pointless and (b) documenting what REAL COPS use (in shows like Dallas SWAT / DEA / etc.) falls outside of the scope of IMFDB because no movie armorer provided the weapon. We would just be reiterating what is 'regulation' for that department to really carry (c) Documentaries open the door to all sorts of irrelevant entries. We once had a CBS News show on Operation Enduring Freedom (invasion of Afghanistan 2002). My thought was 'who cares?' All they did was use existing news footage of the warring parties. We would soon be putting up pages for ABC World News Tonight! if that continued. That page was quickly deleted.

Television was supposed to be TELEVISION SHOWS. Not reality TV or news or documentaries. Those shows depict real life and open the doors to too many barely relevant entries.

That being said, we should VOTE on which ones stay. But seriously there was supposed to be a MORATORIUM on new reality TV/documentaries shows. What happened to that?
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