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Wow the New Yorkers made the Block i mean glunck trigger worse? It was "sproingy" already.

And I would never carry a 9mm. I like .45 stopping power. Sometimes you only get one shot. I want it to cont. And not all .45s are 1911s, there are 14, 15, 16 round 45s out there. A FNP-45 is possibly the perfect duty weapon (DA/SA, Good trigger, can change backstrap for different sized hands, night sights, 14 and 15 round mags, reliable, accurate.)

I also would get some hornady TAP. Hornady has the best quality control and awesome ammunition, In my experience. Too bad they don't make .22 lr though, they decided to just do rimfire magnums. There .30-30, there 308 amtch (cheap for match ammo) and 45 have impressed me, so did there shotgun slugs.
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