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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
All I can say is that NYPD guns suck. They have about 5 or 6 9mm DAO guns approved for duty carry and and only a few more for off duty, and they all have 12 pound trigger pulls, including the Glock 19. The only one that would be even remotely comfortable is the Smith and Wesson Model 64 in .38 Special, the topic of the article. By design it's DA so it's not gonna feel messed with, and it would be comfortable to shoot. Of course you've lost the firepower you get with a double stack automatic in 9mm, but like I said, they suck.
I agree. Earlier this year I attended the GLOCK armorer course. As we stripped down our pistols we installed the "New York Trigger" for training purposes. It's very easy to do. I didn't like the trigger though. I prefer the 5.5 lb trigger pull of the standard trigger. The GLOCK reps said they didn't understand the NYPD's logic either. Supposedly it's because the cops were used to the heavier trigger pull of the DA revolver, but that ceased to be an issue by the late nineties. Actually it was probably not an issue after a year or so later from the transition in 93. At that point they were hiring folks who weren't used to handguns of any type. Whatever the reason it's a terrible trigger in my opinion.
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