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Originally Posted by Ultimate94ninja View Post
These are definitely coming in handy; I've been often checking a couple of these. It's interesting to see that ISS already managed to get (at least) a dozen of MCX Spear rifles, especially considering that this thing is overpriced.
Yeah, I've already updated some pages with pics of guns from the ISS and MAG IG accounts (e.g., I posted pics of the PWS MK1 that was used in "Baby Driver" and Season 10 of "Hawaii Five-0" on those pages).

It's exciting for me to see because it shows how far the movie armorer community has come. When I first joined IMFDB in the late-2000s, almost none of the armories even had web sites - we were one of the few places on the Internet which constituted a single-stop shop for pics of actual movie guns. Now they're quite active on the most popular social media platforms and posting pics of their guns regularly.
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