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If these are really .300 Blackout guns, I wonder what that will do for the caliber's popularity and further adoption within the military? The fact that they've gone back to direct impingement guns after helping to popularize the HK416 should also be the final nail in the coffin for those who believe that piston ARs are the future (what a change from 10 years ago!)

Aside from the NSR rails, those upper receivers are also definitely Noveske Gen III billet uppers. On the other hand, the LRGs still appear to be standard forged lowers, not the Noveske Gen III billet lowers (which have a distinct flared magwell), so it seems clear that they didn't buy complete guns from Noveske. Also, most of the pics I've seen on message boards show that the blasters still have the HK416-style pistol grips or the Hogue rubber grips that DEVGRU has been known to use on their 416s. If I had to guess, the most likely explanation here is that DEV purchased complete Noveske Gen III 10.5" Shorty URGs and then retrofitted them to their existing LRGs (the same ones that used to host their 416 URGs).

Also: The Insight NGAL doesn't seem to be standard yet - most of the pics I've seen show carbines fitted with the existing AN/PEQ-15s. As for optics: The Nightforce ATACR doesn't seem to be standard yet, either; most of them are still using either the EOTech EXPS3-0 or Aimpoint Micro T-2s on ScalarWorks mounts.
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