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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Well I freeze framed the shots and every time he fires, it's definitely a fake looking CGI Flash added in later, so I'm not convinced it's a real 'firing' firearm.
Possibly, and I admit that I haven't seen the movie, but it just seems weird to me that they would use a fake gun for one of the main characters, especially when all of the other guns in the movie (or at least, the ones on the IMFDB page) are clearly real blank-adapted weapons. The M4 Carbine used by Rosa Salazar's character, for example, is clearly a real gun firing blanks, judging by the screenshots which are on our page.

Also, I've been out of the airsoft world for many years now, but based on a quick Google search, I don't think that there's anyone making an airsoft Benelli M1 (only airsoft Benelli M3 and M4 replicas), so I'm not sure where else they would have gotten a replica of that particular weapon type.

You sure that they didn't just insert CGI muzzle flashes because they were trying to use certain footage for certain scenes which looked good (e.g. due to actor's appearance, lighting, etc.), or for safety reasons? Another possibility is that the gun(s) were unreliable with blanks, so they opted to use CGI muzzle flashes rather than find an alternate weapon or re-shoot later. I've seen tons of movies and TV shows where CGI muzzle flashes were inserted for various reasons, even though the gun is clearly real and is seen firing blanks in other scenes.
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