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Once I was at my local range back in Florida, I believe it was right after I got my Model 19 and I took it to shoot, these 3 douchebag looking guys were in the lane next to me and I guess one of them had just gotten a new SIG. They finished up and got ready to leave around the same time I did, but instead of sweeping casings up like the range advises patrons to do, they were taking pictures of themselves looking cool with the gun, but more importantly, they were pointing it at eachother. I wish they'd been caught on the camera feed.

The other one I can remember (not sure if I told it or not) was when I was with my buddy at the range outside city limits and we were sighting in his Remington 700 at 100 yards. Some fudds show up and park their vehicle down range maybe 40 yards from where we were shooting, off to our right side. We told them we were shooting in that direction, and all the bumpkin said was "you got a scope, I trust you", and proceeded to set up. In our line of fire. Worse yet, he and his friend were shooting AKs at oatmeal boxes at this 40 yard distance. And missing. And checked for hits with binoculars. At 40 yards. At a semi-reactive target.

My friend was complaining about shoulder soreness from the rifle. Me, my palm got sore from all the contact it made with my face.

Also predator20 pointing out Excalibur being transparent as usual made me lol
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