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Winchester manufactured 10,000 Model 1895's in 30-06 in 1996. 5,000 were field grade and 5,000 were high-grade (German silver, gold engraving etc.). I own one of the high-grade models. It's beautiful and it spend most of it's time in my safe.

In 97 - 98 Winchester manufactued 10,000 Model 1895's in .270. Again 5,000 in field grade and 5,000 in high-grade.

Approximately five years ago Winchester produced a limited run of the Model 1895 carbine in 30-06.

Winchester is currently producing the Winchester Model 1895 in .405 Winchester.

All the above described new 1895's are going to set you back a significant amount of money. And while I love the 1895 I'll let you in on a secret. The rifle's ergonomics are from the late 19th century. That includes the new ones. They aren't a very comfortable rifle to shoot. Not the best design for target shooting. Especially if you plan on shooting a significant number of rounds during a session.

Try looking for a Savage Model 99 in .308, .303 Savage, 300 Savage or .243. You might be able to find a Winchester Model 88 in .243 or .308 as well. However those rifles have been out fo production for awhile so you'll pay for them. They're getting harder to find and prices reflect that fact.

I also own a Marlin Model 1894CS carbine in .357 magnum. It's a bit light for hunting but the 1894 can also be purchased in 44 magnum. The 44 magnum has some pretty impressive ballistics out of an 18" barrel.

Plus the .357 magnum will shoot 38 special and the 44 magnum will shoot 44 special.

Have fun. I really like the lever action design. One of my favorites.

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