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Originally Posted by Evil Tim View Post
You're assuming psycho / sociopaths have a good grasp of indoor combat tactics. Some of these guys don't even realise they can shoot through wooden doors. Often when you read accounts of spree killers encountering locked doors their solution was to bang on the door and demand the occupants open it, because they're that far gone that they think they have a right to kill those people.
About "shooting through doors"--I'm sure that the Oscar Pistorius case has alerted many to that fact if they didn't know it already. And yes, these killers often seem so blinded by rage they don't know what to do when stopped by a locked/barricaded door. The Isla Vista shooter had the brains to write a 100-page-plus manifesto, but had no idea what to do other than resort to shooting people on the street when the building he most wanted to enter was locked (as he should have known it would be).

Still, the door-breaching ability of shotguns isn't that hard to find out about, and relatively simple to perform with widely-available tools. Haven't there also been reports of gang members going undercover and joining the US military to get military training to use in crime as well? That's another source.

Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Yeah, there's nothing stopping a criminal from legally purchasing a very short barrel to make an SBS to use in a crime...and I always point this out...defeats the purpose of the NFA that punishes you for making one NOT for criminal use.
I haven't heard of many crime reports where shooters fancy themselves the next Clyde Barrow and use cut-down shotguns. Do you have some links?
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