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Concur with Commando; this is an EKOL P29.

Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Thank you dude!!!!

For the record, I have access to tons of LIVE guns, but I don't routinely check out the latest and greatest blank only 'replica' guns. There is been an explosion of them lately (I wonder why). I guess a lot of productions are just buying those and using them (with CGI gun flashes put in later) rather than getting real guns from us armorers.

The real gun armorer industry is dying. We're used very rarely any more There will come a time when we're completely gone and everything out there is a fake (and thus not subject to any rules or regulations).
I dunno, I admit that the movie gun business isn't my business (professionally, at least), but are rental rates for real blank-adapted guns really going down at a rate that is disproportionate and noticeable? Have you and your colleagues in the business tracked a decline in rental rates? Anecdotally (and as someone who consumes too much streaming media), I've always seen plenty of productions filmed in the U.S. which use airsoft guns and blank-firing replicas instead of the real deal.

If you want to talk about why Hollywood as we know it is dying, that's a whole other conversation, but that affects far more supporting businesses than just the props/armory business. Also: I'm certainly not trying to trivialize the various legal hurdles which make it so difficult for prop houses and armories to stay in business, hence why so many of the big names have gone under in the past 20 years (e.g. Ellis, Stembridge, Gibbons, etc.), but I'm sure you'd agree that is not a new issue.
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