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Maybe it is just my apathy towards 1911s, but I would have never considered the Colt from Heat to be an iconic gun. I suppose it is sort of distinctive as it is "custom", but all that it has is just a pair of plain ivory grips so nothing really special. If you asked me what the iconic guns from Heat were I would go straight to the rifles, the 733s, the Galil, the HK 91 and the FNC.

As for distinctive movie guns, I think you have to separate it into two different categories. There are a lot of distinctive guns because they are essentially fake things that use a real gun as a base, like the M41A, the Morita, Star Wars blasters, Blade Runner pistol, stuff like that. The trickier and perhaps more interesting to think about category are things that are meant to be real guns but have been customised in distinctive ways. Stuff like the AMT Hardballer from termiantor, the Cleric Berettas from Equilibrium, Delta carbines from Black Hawk down, stuff like that.

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