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The serial number shows that it was manufactured in 75-76. The D prefix serial number was introduced in 1967. It might have been shipped from the factory a little later however. Components are fabricated but then they sometimes sit in storage for a year or two before being assembled and shipped out. You would need a letter from S&W to find out when it was shipped and where to. It's perfectly safe to carry with six rounds in the cylinder. In 1944 S&W made an engineering change. The slide action hammer block places a sliding arm between the hammer face and the frame. It slides out of the way when the hammer is pulled back properly - either single action or double action.

I would also say between $400-$450. The pinned barrel is a plus. The cylinder shouldn't be recessed though. S&W didn't recess the cylinders on the .38 Special revolvers.

For what it's worth I am a revolver guy and I wouldn't mind owning a Model 10 snubbie in decent condition. We are out there. You just have to find us.
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