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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Well, not sure I buy that a company paid to have a gun part designed by the civilian market for a particular film instead of just the base gun in general. I think since this is still a relatively new gun, having a base model of it shipped to Columbia for filming shouldn't be too hard considering other weapons used. Maybe it has something to do with gun laws in Columbia, but it doesn't make sense in John Wick 3 or Hawaii Five-0
Gun companies do pay to have their guns featured in films regardless of whether it is realistic for that situation. This happens all the time but you mostly never hear of it, one that became public knowledge because it was listed as an example on the company website was the SEALs in Lone Survivor carrying Berettas. If we accept the fact that deals like this happen, I can see a potential situation where a company would want that gun that people actually buy to be the one that is featured.
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