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Originally Posted by Checkman View Post
I own a couple Lee-Enfields made by Enfield and a Webley Mk VI manufactured in 1925 by Enfield. I have a MkIII* made at (or is it by?) Lithgow. But as of today I have no Canadian made firearms. I hope one day to get a Long Branch, but for now no such luck. I really like the old British/Commonwealth firearms. I'm even considering an Ishy.
Well, it's not like there's alot of Canadian-made military firearms. The Ross rifle, Long Branch No.4 and Inglis Hi Power are the only ones you're likely to find. The CAL C1A1s are great rifles, but about as common as rocking horse poop on the civilian market.

Pre-war Ishy's actually aren't bad quality, but I'd stay away from any made after 1941. I've had bad experiences.
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