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This might be a bit late, but the G30 was the worst concealed carry purchase I ever made. I listed it within 3 days, it's dimensions were just not good for IWB carry for me. If you've got your heart set on Glock and .45 acp, go with the Glock 36 for an every day carry.

I carry a Glock 43 as my every day, with a G19 for occasional carry. The G19 feels tiny IWB when compared to the G30. That said, it's all a matter of personal preference. Just figured I'd share since I've thrown the money down and said "I can make the concessions!" myself, followed by a very quick sale of the pistol in question.

If you're not fully committed to going Glock, you might try out the Springfield XD in .45, they're a lot slimmer feeling than the Glock .45 pistols (with the exception of the 36, of course)
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