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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
Probably really good diffusers. Some of his pictures have backstrap glare too, it all depends on the intensity of the light and the curveture and material on the backstrap. The P99 in particular has a very round and very shiny backstrap and that leads to a lot of illumination.

I haven't posted every new purchase because I have been waiting to get a reasonably good lighting setup to photograph them. The P226 was actually a completely accidental purchase. After a long drive to and from Pompano Beach, I stopped by the local gun store I often go to just to use the bathroom and found that P226 for a stupid price. I can't imagine they'd had it long because just about anyone would buy an early P226 for what they were asking for it. As such, I bought it myself. It's a bit ratty on the outside (the picture honestly make it look a lot worse than it is) but the gun looks brand new on the inside, virtually no wear on the slide rails, and all the springs were still stiff as all hell. The DA pull is just starting to wear in to about where my other Sigs are.

The P99 was different. It sat on the shelf of the store for months, and the clerk always said it was never gonna sell because Walthers were eh for the average customer, and was always surprised at my interest in it. He didn't realize it was a very low serial number first generation gun until after my background check came back, and then he understood why I bought it. It was new and never fired, but it actually came with a current production factory case with current production accessories and a current production 15 round magazine. The box itself had a serial number that was one number off too with a weird prefix, and Walther told me over the phone that it was supposed to be a box for a PPX, even though everything in it was for a P99. Kind of an interesting mystery. Did the previous owner never fire it and accidentally/intentionally swap the box and pieces for a PPX box with that close of a serial number? Did Walther do some reissue of old first gen guns and supply them with new accessories, and mismark the box? Just kooky all around.

The Series 70 I just bought at the store on a whim too. It's a little rough like the P226 but the price was right. I got the P229 as a brand new CPO around March and have since shot it quite a bit and even carried in on occasion in a Raven Phantom XC1 Holster. It's the newest handgun I own and a very good all around gun. And the others, I'm pretty sure I have posted them here before.

I've also bought literally dozens of mags, cases of ammo, and other gun paraphernalia, most of which are not picture worthy. I also took the time and effort to file and pay for some items that require certain approvals from a certain bureau which will hopefully come in soon. I will get pictures of all that when it's all done too.
Interesting stories behind each. Sometimes, impulse purchases are actually the best purchases. (That was kinda how I fell into possession of my early Gen 2 Glock 17, which for some reason is now one of my favorites.)
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