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Originally Posted by Phoenixent View Post
Iraq has ordered a large quantity of M-16A4 for their Army. This is from a government publication.(2006: 50,750 M16A2 rifles, 50,750 M4A1 carbines; 2007: 123,544 M16A4 Rifles and 12,035 M4 Carbines) They have also just received 140 M1A1 Abrams tanks for their army. Their air force is look at F16 fighters also.

2008 request from Iraq
* 100,000 M16A4 Assault Rifles
* 140,000 M16A4 Magazines
* 100,000 M4 Weapons
* 4,000 AN/PVS-7D Night Vision Devices
* 1,100 40mm Grenade Launchers
* 3,300 9mm Pistols with Holsters
* 400 Aiming Posts

We are training them and their mindset is that we want the the Americans have and that's what they are buying at this time.
Hmmm, interesting, thanks for this info. I remembered reading about the purchase of the M1s and the increasing numbers of M16s and M4s, but I didn't realize that the Iraqis actually wanted to ditch their AKs for M16s. While they're at it, they also ought to ditch those surplus "chocolate chip" uniforms we donated to them, too.

Now, as long as they use the weapons to actually fight those jihadist bastards, and don't go Saudi on us, I'll be OK with the idea...
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