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Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
JCordell or anyone, what's the best bullet weight for .357 magnum, in regards to lifespan of the revolver? I'm not going to be shooting any more .38's out of my 686, and don't want to shoot it loose any faster than I need to
The 125 grain provides the best ballistics against two legged types, but it is hard on the revolver. The 686 is designed to withstand a lot of shooting, but the 125 grain isn't the most comfortable to shoot either. I would go with the 158 grain load if you're going to go with magnums exclusively. You could also look into shooting magnum cartridges that have been loaded to 38 Special +P or +P+ specs. That way you won't get the dreaded cylinder ring from shooting the shorter 38 special cartridge.
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