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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
All of that being said if I lived in the US I would still probably do it, I'm just not convinced that they are realistically something that will be useful to the point where it is worth the expense, space, inconvenience and risk of carrying one.
Right. Nothing against those that wish to do it and indeed for all my own skepticism and even criticism I will quite likely do something similar in due course (have a dedicated vehicle weapon) - That said frankly I have to agree with the supposed cost-benefit point being raised here. After all there is a point where trying to be so practical gets.. well, impractical.

As for the earlier point, I agree they could just do with removing the SB restrictions, or even loosening the reigns a bit - Which ultimately is more-or-less the same damn thing. Still for my own setup I would probably get something of a longer barrel carbine though just like c552. What can I say.. not into the shorties too much.
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