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I think the confusion with people thinking they are alternate names is that the variant of the AG-C which looked more like the M320 (shorter barrel, folding grip) is called the AG-C/EGLM and people think the slash is implying two different names rather than it just being a rather complicated designation. On the topic of alternate names though, the AG-C/EGLM was renamed just as the GLM at some point which rather complicates the issue. There is also the problem that most AG-C launchers are not actually called that, this is more just the name of the series I think. Depending on what they are built to be fitted to the designation changes, so they will instead be marked AG-36 (for G36s, I think they are actually marked AG-G36 but whatever), AG-NL (for C7s and C8s), AG-HK416 (for the obvious), AG-SA 80 (for L85A2s), stuff like that.

They are all a bit of a muddle to be honest as at various points they have changed the design and not the designation, and at other times have changed the designation without any design changes. As the models all seem to cross over I don't think we should separate them into two pages (AG36 and GLM) and should instead just put them all on one page and separate the variants.

There is a big topic on the M320 talk page where I was going to do this, but one of the reasons I didn't at the time is I didn't really know what to call it. At the time I thought "Heckler & Koch GLM series", but the problem with this is that the term GLM refers to one specific variant (or at least one subset of later variants). Now, I kind of wonder if the better name would be "Heckler & Koch AG series grenade launchers" or something like that. With the exception of the original XM320 for the XM8 on which everything is based the term AG would apply to pretty much everything. If you look on the H&K site, the current "GLM" that they show is actually marked AG-HK416 (as it is the model for the HK416) so "AG" is still the current terminology that they use.
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