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Colt Officer's Model ACP Series 80. This was easily one of dad's favorite handguns by far. He purchased it new in 1988. He put a lot of money into it and shot it so much that he actually went through a barrel in the mid-nineties (after he retired). However I never cared for it, but with dad's passing I just didn't feel right getting rid of it. It was my wife's idea to see if my son would want it. Marc was thrilled to get it. A compact, short barreled 45 Colt appeals to him and it was grandpa's gun which makes it even better. I took him to the range and he put a couple boxes through it. Loved it. Dad would be happy that Marcus appreciates it and I'm happy as well. Right now Marcus is away at Coast Guard basic training (Cape May, New Jersey) and then he has a four year enlistment. I'll hold onto it until he can either have it sent to him or when he gets out (he might end up in a anti-gun state). The important thing is it's staying in the family. However I cleaned it today. Next time Marc gets that chore.

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