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Originally Posted by SPEMack618 View Post
The Firing Line is pretty good. A lot of good information to be had there. Me and JCordell both post there.

Also, the mods are real good about keeping the chatter about the the boys in blue beret chatter down to a minimum.
Yes the Firng Line is a good one. I've been a member on TFL since 2001. I haven't come across any of the (endless) paranoid ranting that seems to have taken over The High Road.

A couple other goods ones are the Smith & Wesson forum and the Colt forum. The posters there seem to be more interested in actually talking about guns and gun related stuff rather than black helicopters, U.N. conspiracies and nasty cowardly cops. Hey I know there are some bad cops out there. But we aren't all cowardly S.O.B.'s............................. okay maybe we are S.O.B.'s, but not cowardly or Nazi's.

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