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Originally Posted by BlackIce_GTS View Post
I'm here because you guys are the least loony of any gun board I've seen.
Something Awful's gun subform seems okay. A lot of them act like dicks (it's SA!), but they don't take themselves too seriously.
I thought about joining, but I didn't feel like spending 10$ to participate in an internet forum with people who have spent 10$ to participate in an internet forum was a really great idea. For me. Personally.
Personally I cheered when Uwe Bol beat the hell out of the owner of SomethingAwful. Someone who I knew in junior high and my freshman year of high school posted some BS about me there. When I asked them nicely to remove the post since it used my full name the response was "oh you're still alive". I haven't spoken to the Mods there since, I'm just waiting for the day the site and it's owner is sued into oblivion.
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