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Default Why I hate the original G.I. Joe animated series

One of my most uncomfortable childhood memories is the 1985 G.I. Joe animated series. Sure there are laser rifles in the show, but what ticked me off then is that REAL-WORLD weapons like the M16 and AK-47 rifles, the 1911A1 pistol and a silenced sniper rifle with night scope all shoot LASERS in the show's entire 94-episode run! I was shocked that use this type of censorship (The Transformers cartoon also has M16s shooting lasers) that my mind was confused to the edge of human tolerance.

I soon watched Red Dawn on TV and I thought the AKMs there were laser rifles, yet they shoot real bullets. It was then I dedicated myself to the interest of guns in the movies. No thanks to this atrocity that is G.I. Joe.

Any thoughts on this?
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