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My buddy has a P01 that I had the privilege of operating and shooting and I mostly liked it, but there are some eh things about CZs and CZ patterned guns I find to be generally true.

First off the triggers on them aren't that good, double action is incredibly heavy and the creep to break on single action is pretty big. They can be tuned relatively easily I think, exchanging some springs here and there, and with LOTS of use they will wear in nicely, but as they come they're okay at best.

The slides also have a pretty small gripping surface so they may be a bit harder to charge than other guns, but you'll probably get used to it after a short while.

The other thing that's more odd about them is the decocker, it only drops the hammer to half cock and not all the way down. It can be carried and shot with the hammer all the way down but you have to manually set it there and that's a risky endeavour. It's kinda good because at half cock the trigger doesn't require as much pull but nonetheless it's still kinda weird...

Lastly is the decocker itself. It's in the best possible place I could imagine it, but the way it actually presses, downward in a clockwise motion, is counterintuitive to like every other safety mechanism, though you'll get used to it in a heartbeat. Even so, again, just an odd thing they did.

Of course I do like them and there's plenty good to say about them, odd as they are. They are built like tanks, have good sights, a grip rivaled only by a couple of guns (Hi-Power to name one heheh) and they are relatively slim. I was entertaining the notion of getting a Pre-B (not one of the cheap ones that have just been imported and stamped all over by PW Arms but an older one) but I have more practical things on my list first. I can't say much about your grips as generally I'm frugal with them, since factory ones typically serve practical purposes as well as anything else, but if nothing else they look nice. Enjoy your gun.
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