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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
The USAF is finally retiring the S&W Model 15.

In related new, the S&W Model 15 was still in USAF service.
Jeez. I didn't think it was possible to find a revolver anywhere within the U.S. military anymore.

Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
By 2004, though, the M4 was already so widespread in the military that every serviceman and his grandmother was issued one. And I've heard claims of some SecFor guys still to this day being issued XM16E1s while deployed.
I wouldn't say that; by 2004, most of the door kickers were carrying M4s, but most rear echelon/non-combat personnel were using the M16A2 and other older ARs. A weapon like that one wouldn't have seemed as out-of-place in 2004 as it would today. So I agree with Funkychinaman that this picture doesn't necessarily represent the state of SecFor armament today.

On another note, I thought that the Air Force never adopted the XM16E1 (because they didn't want to pay the extra $$$$ for the forward assist)?
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