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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
As lame as it sounds, my wife is reading it now. Based on what little of it I've read (out of morbid curiosity), the whole book sounds like some sexually frustrated teenage girl's ignorant fantasy. It's so pathetic that it makes me wonder if E.L. James is actually a 50-year old virgin. Christian Grey (the character who lends his name to the title) sounds so much like a rip-off of Patrick Bateman that I'm wondering if there's a point in the book where he whips out a blunt object during sex with the protagonist and tries to kill her...except that this very thought just makes me want to go watch "American Psycho" instead.
Bit of reasonably well-known history for you; E.L. James is a fanfiction writer and Fifty Shades of Grey was originally written as a Twilight fanfic called Master of the Universe. She changed the names around so she could get it published and that's about all. Christian Grey is the sparkly vampire Edward Cullen + money + badly written fetish, and the writer is a fan of a book where sneaking into someone's bedroom and watching them sleep is depicted as romantic.

So it's not just pathetic, it's second-hand pathetic.

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