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Okay so lets get started.

1) First of all in Idaho when I run your driver license through my car computer (MDT) or through dispatch I will be notified that you have a concealed carry permit. In Idaho if you have a driver license the DL number is the same number on your concealed permit. So in Idaho I don't need to be notified by the permit holder. The state will notify me.

2) Second it would be a very good idea to tell me that you have a gun in your glove box. Permit or no permit if somebody reaches over, pops open the glove box and I see a gun just laying there my reaction is not going to be real fun. Sorry if you are a hard core Liberterian/Tea Party/2nd Amendment activist and you find my reaction to be unfair, unjustified, excessive,paranoid,cowardly or authoritarian.

I don't know who I'm dealing with and suddenly a gun has entered into the picture - a gun that nobody told me about. Remember that great line by Sean Connery in "The Untouchables" when he is talking to Costner at the beginning of the movie.
"Make sure when your shift is over you go home alive"
Not only do I take that advice to heart so does my family. So there is going to be a very good chance that you will be staring down the bore of my Glock 19 and while it only shoots the puny 9mm something tells me it looks huge when it's only fourteen inches from your head.

Also I don't want to shoot somebody and if a situation suddenly accelerates like that everything is up in the air. So yes tell me that you have a gun in the glove box. If I don't already I will quickly confirm that you have a permit. If you don't ,and that gun is loaded, then you are looking at a illegal concealed carry situation. A misdemeanor offense. If it isn't loaded then you're okay. Once again I'm speaking about Idaho - not the other 49 states.

3) Okay so the car isn't listed as stolen. You are the registered owner and you have no warrants. Dispatch advises me that you have a valid driver license and concealed carry permit. That last part is important. If your permit was revoked or has expired that will also be in the database. If that's the case see paragraph 2. So now what? You've told me about the handgun in your glove box. "Thank you sir for letting me know that". You've been cooperative and polite - as have I. But you are keeping the actual hard-copy of your vehicle registration along with proof of insurance coverage in the glovebox. Two ways to go here depending on the situation.

In the past I gave the driver the benefit of the doubt that the insurance was current and let him go - after advising him that if he was going going to keep the handgun in the glovebox he needs to keep the documents in a different location so that in the future there are no chances for misunderstandings that might lead to a tragedy - for everyone.

However if I really want to look at those documents I would probably ask for another unit (this would all be based on my gut feeling - which over the past 13 years I've learned to listen to) to assist. Once the other unit arrived I would ask the driver to step out of the car and please stay with the other officer. I would then walk around to the passenger side. Explain to the driver that I am going to reach into the car to get the documents from the glovebox. I would explain to the driver that I am not conducting a search (4th Amendment issues) nor do I intend to run the handgun's serial number or even touch the handgun beyond moving it to get the documents. After looking at the documents and making sure everything is in order I would put everything back, thank the driver for his or her's cooperation, explain to them why I did what I did and send them on their way. I would also recommend that they keep the gun and documents separate in the future.

4) So that is how I work. I have no doubt that there are folks who would find issues with what I have done in the past and how I would deal with such a situation. For whatever reason. There are always people who take issue with how cops work. Monday morning quarterbacks - some of the worse are other cops. Oh well. It's my life and my tactics.

So does that tell you what you wanted to know 2wingo?

Just remember I'm only one officer. I can't speak for other officers and I'm going off of being an Idaho cops. In Idaho guns are common as are concealed carry permit holders. Many cops are also gun owners which will effect the way we work. But you still find officers here that are anti-gun and anti-gunowner.
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