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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post

The NRA is turning out to be pretty quiet this time around. A bit troubling, if you ask me.
The NRA always gives it a few days after a big shooting like this. They did the same after Colombine back in 1999. There were those who were critical of that tactic back then as well. Then after a decent interval the NRA waded into the fray. I agree. What would have been the point joining in with the hysterical screeching over the weekend.People think that if you aren't posting commentary within three minutes of an event you're irrelevant. Not really.

I called the NRA yesterday and there are plans to get going. Strategy is being worked on and contacts are being made with the folks who who will play a pivitol role in the coming political battle. Let the anti's run around screeching and spewing their hatred. They think the NRA being decent is an indication that they've "won". The anti's had the same thinking thirteen years ago. I remember looking at many posts and article proclaiming after Colombine that the NRa was beaten. It wasn't and we (American gunowners) weren't.

The big thing is to stay calm and keep your head. The screeds being thrown out by the usual suspects are nothing new. Contact your reps and prepare for a bruiser of a political dog fight. That's where it's going to be. Not the hysterical screechers on television.

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