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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
The same Ruger who supported the AWB? Come on, now.
Bill Ruger died in 2002. His company is under different management and recently began selling hi-capacity magazines to the general public. I try not to condemn him for that political move. Sixteen years ago American gunowners were on the ropes. It seemed like the political momentum had finally gone to the gungrabbers and people were scrambling. Bill Ruger started his company from scratch and I can understand his motivation. He was trying to save his life's work. Everybody compromises sometime in their life and that's what he was doing.

I didn't agree with that letter, and sixteen years ago I was twenty-five so I could be very righteous since I was younger. Many years later I see the world somewhat differently and have come to realize that we all the potential of being assholes, cowards, cads, and heros - sometimes all on the same day. You get older and start to gather the ineviatable baggage of life (family, responsiblity etc) and your attitudes change somewhat.

In the early nineties it looked like we were going down and it was a matter of trying to make the fall as soft as possible. I joined the NRA and got angry. Bill Ruger was alot older than me and choose to try some political manuvering. Ironically the NRA proved to be very adept at political mauvering and we've made some real gains. But lets not go spitting on Mr. Ruger's memory. I myself have grown more temperate in the past few years as well. It happens.

Okay I'm off the soapbox now.
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