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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
Well, it's not like there's alot of Canadian-made military firearms. The Ross rifle, Long Branch No.4 and Inglis Hi Power are the only ones you're likely to find. The CAL C1A1s are great rifles, but about as common as rocking horse poop on the civilian market.

Pre-war Ishy's actually aren't bad quality, but I'd stay away from any made after 1941. I've had bad experiences.
Yeah I've been told to be very careful with the Ishys. You know I've never seen a Ross - not even in a museum. However in the past year I've ome into contact with many models that I had never seen before except in a museum - if that. However I now own a few of those pieces so never say never I guess.

Now I do happen to know where there are many Para-Ordnances.
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