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Originally Posted by SPEMack618 View Post
I made quite the odd gurgle of desire upon seeing that.

Yeah, Pete Malloy was a pretty good cop, and the Combat Masterpiece, was, well, a Masterpiece, but holy cow, I want me a set of Fuzzy Farrant grips.

The man is a bit of a legend.
Couple years ago I came across a pair of Fuzzy's. They were priced at $150.00 and were made for the S&W K frame square butt. To put them on the revolver I would have had to had the front corner of the butt cut away. Fairly common with Farrant's grips I've read.

Some trivia. Have you heard of The Onion Field Shooting (March 9, 1963)? Below are the four handguns involved in the shooting that left L.A.P.D. Officer Ian James Campbell dead and his partner Karl Hettinger (survivor) a mess and lifelong alcoholic. He died from liver disease in 1994.

The Colt Officer Model Match was Campbell's and appears to have Farrants. The S&W Model 14 was Hettingers.Those grips on the Model 14 are the old Mershon rubber grips. That company was bought out by Pachmayr in the late sixties or early seventies - which is when Pachmayr began to produce their rubber grips.

The auto was used by Gregory Powell and the Colt revolver was used by Jimmy Lee Smith. Powell killed Campbell with the auto.

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