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Originally Posted by ManiacallyChallenged View Post
They say even bad publicity is publicity, so that collection of twitter comments isn't all bad.
Apparently we "jumped the shark" at some point. Not sure how this is possible, because it's a wiki, but hey.
Well the writer of that apparently either doesn't like ANIME or he really doesn't like HELLSING, whichever is the case.

What really makes me NERVOUS is that now people are COUNTING on us to be correct, and we have tons and TONS of new or anonymous members making pretty elementary mistakes. And I'm not even talking about the idiots who vandalize pages intentionally. With that in mind, people have to be EXTRA VIGILANT that we're checking on and improving pages (and I don't mean pissing matches about how many pages you've fixed either)....

When people count on you (aka us at IMFDB) for accurate information, we have an obligation to do the best we can to be correct and accurate. And to admit it when we are NOT sure.
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