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Originally Posted by AdAstra2009 View Post
Yep, sidearms are not exactly decisive weapons. If your issued a sidearm its because your not expected to really use it.
There have been attempts to bridge the gap between the portability of a sidearm and the ease of use of a long gun. One weapon, the B&T USW has the size and shape of a sidearm to allow holstering, but also has a buttstock and mini red dot sight to make longer-distance shots easier.

Originally Posted by AdAstra2009 View Post
Metal framed guns are better for pistol whipping! They also absorb more recoil.
Sure, metal-framed guns can be used as improvised hammers, but those used to Glocks had best get used to the increased weight of all-metal guns.

I wonder if this contract means that SIG handgun parts will become more common. Or even if the price of P320 handguns will decrease or be available on the surplus market. SIG P320 has a .45 ACP option available, which is something they could adopt. Given how SIG-Sauer made a 10mm version of their older P220 handgun, there's a chance they could make a 10mm version based on their P320 frame too.
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