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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
I still have a beautiful Model 19, and I owned a 5906 for a couple years and loved every bit of it and in owning the 5906 I took a lot of time to research the different model numbers and variations. S&W automatics are among my favorite pistols because of that. One of my biggest contributions to the site is correcting S&W Auto and revolver misidentifications as well, since they're so often misidentified.

If you don't plan on carrying it, I'd say go with the 659 because it's easier to remove the grips if you want to clean under them, there's no firing pin block in them that I know of and a half cock notch in place if you want to have a lighter DA pull, and the triggers on them are just as good as their revolvers in both DA and SA mode, something that cannot be said for any 3rd gen pistol. The stainless steel is polished too and has a fancier look about it.
Just as well with the 686, you can find a Model 66 at a lower price in decent condition on GB and it'll serve you just as well while being lighter and having more of that classic aesthetic if you like that.
That's main reason why I like them over the 5906.

I've looked at the Model 66 snub too. They are a good choice also, but sometimes the sellers can be proud of them too.
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