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Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
$323? I'd definitely have paid that much if I wouldn't have had to bid against someone. I'd probably end up paying something in the area of $450 of I ever found one at a gunshop anyways
If I knew what the exact shipping was going to be, I would have maybe tried to bid up a little more. Then I would have known my exact final cost. There's also no telling where the other guys limit was either. He loved for it to get down to 5 mins left then outbid me and the 15 min. count would start again.

Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
If you still want a older doublestack S&W, Predator, there are a bunch of Model 59's on gunbroker for relatively low prices
I prefer the stainless in that series. Probably because of The Hidden and Reservoir Dogs.

Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
I've read about reliability issues with the 59 in a magazine and a handful of stories here and there, and the sights on later models are better. You're better off with a 2nd or 3rd gen model.

And if you should be apologizing to anyone about mugging up a bid on a S&W pistol, it should be me. I can say with a decent amount of confidence that I'm more of an aficionado on their guns than S&Wshooter. That was a good price for it too even after fees, though it only has one original mag and one 5906 mag, which I personally would have pitched anyway. There'll be others for sure though so don't worry too much about it.
Well his name is S&Wshooter. I didn't think you were that much of a fan of them. While there's plenty of 5906's on GB, I prefer the looks of the 659. There will be others as you said. I'm currently watching a pre-lock 686-1 w/ 2.5" barrel, I would get more carry use out of it, but it's about double the cost of the 659. I'm just going to save my pennies for the gunshow.
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