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Originally Posted by AdAstra2009 View Post
yup, got one of those puppies too. Actually use it as my bedside gun.
Nice! Beautifully well met there.

Originally Posted by S&Wshooter View Post
The only downsides to a 4506 are that it's heavy (it's very much a belt dragger), and the mags are no longer made and are like $50. Surprisingly, holsters (even left-handed) and grips are super easy to find. I have my 4506-1 not a foot from me as I type this, unholstered on the floor as I am away from home (usual bedside is an FNX with mounted light).
Yeah I know they have some heft, though for that kind of piece I don't mind that so much. And I know I'm not the only one. I'm sad they don't still make them, I agree with what FCM said on the site in a talk page - I too think there there is still something of a market for all-metal autos like them.

I've definitely heard mixed things about Pro-Mag, and I know actual factory mags are growing ever tougher and more expensive to get. Eh, I could probably deal - Keep in mind this would be very mainly a 'fun' piece anyway.

Nice ones there, JCordell, BTW. I really like the 86/66 'size' perhaps a tad more than the full-size, but either/or. Or both, of course.

How about the Kimber? I've shot some of them myself and liked them, though I've always heard mixed takes on them as well.
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