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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
For CYA reasons, I cannot imagine that any armory would want to take the chance that they can get away with it: They are assuming nobody in BATFE watches movies and/or reads IMDB and can figure out that said actors are convicted felons. (This is especially likely to be problematic for movies which cast rap stars and/or feature real gang members playing themselves - i.e. "Training Day.")

I would think this issue has been discussed with and decided by BATFE by now, and a work-around was found.
Usually no armorer will hand a live gun to a felon. Those guys should have their felonies expunged or pardoned. But there are times when production companies actually 'break the law' Doh!

When Ironman was being filmed, there is a deleted scene where Tony Stark picked up an Air Force M4 and fires it over the hood of a Humvee at his attackers (and eventual kidnappers). The production wanted Robert Downey Jr. to handle the live gun, but the armorer (correctly) refused, being that Downey had not has his inability to handle a gun dismissed (on paper) yet. So the scene where he's firing, he's holding an airsoft gun.

Downey's felony convictions were in 1999 and he wasn't pardoned until December 24th, 2015. So technically any film he did between 1999 and 2015, the productions violated federal law if they handed him a live gun. Oops! But Hollywood productions are notoriously unconcerned with firearms laws. They just expect armorers to break the law, being that Hollywood bigwigs rarely if ever fights against gun control laws in California that actually HURT the film industry.
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